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128 – Atomic Red


Certified Biodynamic and Organic

Brilliant red carrot with very fine flavor. We are happy to be able to offer this red addition to our carrot selections–grow with rodelika and yellowstone for beautiful market bunches.

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Product Description

Scientific Name: Daucus carota spp. sativus

Family: Carrot

Type: Biennial

Native Range: None

Hardiness Zones: 3-11; greens will die with frost, but roots will remain intact until hard frost (28°-30°);

Soil Requirements: Sandy to medium clay-loam soil with pH between 6.0 and 6.5; rich, loose and deeply worked; for sweet carrots, ensure soil has adequate amounts of lime, humus and potash; long periods of hot weather and an overabundance of nitrogen cause poor flavor;

Light Preference: Full sun

Water: Keep evenly moist

Days until Germination: 10-14 days

Sowing: Direct sow seeds 1/2″ deep, just under soil surface from early spring to mid-summer;

Plant Spacing: Plant seeds 1/2″-1″ apart, in rows 12″ apart; at around 35-40 days, thin carrots to every 2″ harvesting baby carrots and greens in between;

Plant Height: Greens can be 8″

Harvest: 70-75 days; can pull a carrot or two to check for desirable size; often, carrots will “push their shoulders up” out of the soil when they are ready for harvest;

Grows Well With: Onions; leeks; rosemary; wormwood; sage; black salsify; tomatoes; leaf lettuce; chives; radishes; peas;

Grows Poorly With: Apples; dill;

Potential Problems: Carrot fly; leaf blights; wire worms;

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S ~ 750 seeds


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