ruffles kale

173 – Ruffles Kale (Halbhoher)


Certified Biodynamic

Productive variety with good frost hardiness. Dark-green, curly, medium-large leaves. Good taste, which improves with the first frost. Overwintered in our Upstate NY garden and grew productive side shoots after flowering in the second year.
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Product Description

45 days for baby leaves

Direct seed ~3-4″ apart 1/2″ deep. Thin to ~10″ apart (and eat thinnings!) OR
Start indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost and transplant 10-12″ apart. Recommended to harden off 2-4 days before transplanting.Last planting should be around end of June for fall crops (zone 5B)

Partial to full sun

Well draining soil with high organic matter – fairly pH tolerant

~4″ for baby greens
8-10″ for bunching greens

~12″ per plant for bunching kale
2-4″ for baby greens

Hardy. Can tolerate frost and over winter in some areas

Bunching greens: harvest outer most leaves for a continual harvest
Baby greens: cut ~1″ above soil for cut and come again greens for 3-5 harvests


Massaged Kale Salad from Lisa at Turtle Tree Seed

2 bunches of kale
1/2 teaspoon salt, ideally sea salt
1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (or grapeseed)1/2 lemon
1-2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp rice vinegar

Strip leaves from the stems (discard stems or use for stock or pickle them!). Wash and dry the leaves. Tear the leaves into bite size pieces and place in a large bowl. Add oil, salt, lemon, honey, and vinegar. With clean hands, firmly massage and crush the greens to break down the outer waxy protection* of the kale leaf and to mix in the flavoring. Stop when the volume of greens is reduced by about half and the greens look a little darker and somewhat shiny. Add vinegar, honey, and salt to taste. Dried cranberries, sliced apples or pears, nuts, and Parmesan, goat, or feta cheese pair well in this salad.

*some brassicas such as cabbage, kale, collards, and broccoli have cuticular wax on their leaves serving to protect them against some insects and to retain moisture. Some people have difficulty breaking this substance down during digestion and therefor eating these and like vegetables raw may cause indigestion or gas. Massaging kale allows this substance to be broken down while keeping the vegetable raw making it easier to digest!

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S ~ 250 seeds, L ~1000 seeds, .5 oz ~3500 seeds


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