Bulls Blood Beet

833 – Bull’s Blood Beet


Certified Biodynamic

Grown especially for its beautiful dark red-purple tops that have a rich buttery flavor when steamed or sauteed. Great tasting baby leaves for salad mix at 35 days. Not usually grown for beetroot, but small beets can be harvested at 55 days.

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Scientific Name: Beta vulgaris

Family: Goosefoot

Type: Biennial

Native Range: Lower 48 States and Puerto Rico

Hardiness Zones: 3-10; beets can tolerate some cold and roots can remain in the ground until a hard freeze;

Soil Requirements: light loamy soil with even supply of moisture, protected from prolonged periods of heat; slightly acidic pH [6.5 – 7];

Light Preference: Full sun

Water: Moderate

Days until Germination: 10-15 days

Sowing: Sow beets 2″ deep after soil has warmed to around 45°.

Plant Spacing: Beet seeds are actually a cluster of ~2-6 seeds. Sow thinly about 1″-3″ apart, in rows 12″-24″ apart. After germination, snip or pull out the weaker seedlings from the cluster. Thin to 4″ between plants.

Plant Height: Greens 3″ and taller

Harvest: 35-55 days; can be harvested at full-size or anytime after their tops have poked up out of the ground; utilize the greens for salads; may be left for a week or two after maturity in soil to increase storage time, though texture may become slightly woody;

Grows Well With: Bush beans, onions, lettuce, kohlrabi and most members of the Cabbage family

Grows Poorly With: Pole beans, field mustard, charlock

Potential Problems: Damping off; cutworms; aphids; flea beetles; cabbage looper; blister beetles; beet webworms; grasshoppers; snails and slugs; leafminer larvae; mosaic virus; downy mildew; cracked roots; June beetle larvae;

Uses & Cooking Suggestions: This variety is usually grown for its richly colored red-purple tops. Greens can be added to brighten up a salad or steamed or sauteed to bring out their delectable, buttery flavor!

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