970BEET BERRYCert. BD/OG(Chenopodium folosium)Mulberry-like bright-red fruit with a sweet mild flavor on branching 12 in. plants. Also called strawberry spinach. Unusual and fun to grow. Kids love them. Great for borders and containers. Start indoors and transplant. Beloved by specialty chefs.
S$3.00~50 seeds
LG$6.25~250 seeds
971BROOM CORNCert. BD/OG(Sorghum bicolor)105 days.A type of sorghum. 8-10 ft. tall. Tops used for making brooms. Grain for cereal and bird food. Stunning as an ornamental. These tall plants can define a space, a curving sweep of them create a place for a quiet seat or a backdrop for other plants. Left in place, they add winter interest and attract birds who eat the seeds.
S$3.00~50 seeds, sows 10 ft.
LG$6.25~250 seeds, 50 ft.
1+ oz.$12.50/oz. bulk rate
1+ lb$55.00/lb bulk rate
301CANADIAN STUFFING TOMATOCert. BD/OG78 days.Indet. Looks like a blocky red Bell Pepper. Firm flesh and hollow interior make it great for stuffing. Unlike peppers, it doesn't need parboiling before stuffing and baking. Fill fresh sliced halves with a cold salad. A "must try" for gourmet enthusiasts! Also makes a thick sauce with very little cooking down.
341COSSACK PINEAPPLE GROUND CHERRYCert. BD/OG(Physalis pubescens)HEIRLOOM from Eastern Europe. Also sometimes called "Golden Berry." Delicious, pineapple-flavored 1/2 inch diameter fruits are wrapped in green husks which turn golden and fall to the ground when ripe (we think this is why they're called ground cherries). These are irresistable fresh, but if you manage not to eat them all right away, they also make a great topping for ice cream, delicious jam, pies, upside-down cake, etc. Plants are extremely productive. Great for kids, specialty chefs, and farmers' markets! Our favorite of several ground cherries we've tried in the past years. Thank-you Southern Exposure Seed Exchange for introducing us to this delicious ground cherry!
S$3.00~100 seeds
LG$6.25~600 seeds
959MARIGOLD, NEMATOCIDALCert. BD/OG(Tagetes minuta)100-120 days.For cover crop to deter nematodes (does not need to bloom to be helpful). The days to maturity refers to when this marigold produces small cream-colored flowers. Plant reaches 3-5 ft. developing small flowers late in season in mild climates.
S$3.00=0.1 oz.
LG$10.00=0.5 oz.
475PHACELIACert. BD(Phacelia tanacetifolia)Bee Plant. Annual. The blue curled sprays of this little known flower are loved by the bees. Though a native to North America, phacelia is widely grown as a soil building cover crop on biodynamic farms in Europe. Bushy plants spread to 18 in. Sow 4 oz/1000 sq. ft.
S$3.00~100 seeds
1 oz.$6.25
4+ oz.$4.25/oz. bulk rate
1 lb$40.00
10+ lb$30.00/lb bulk rate
960PUMPKIN, STYRIAN, NAKED-SEEDEDCert. BD/OG90-120 days.HEIRLOOM Unique variety from the Styrian region of Austria. This large, green striped pumpkin is grown for its seeds! The shelless seeds are large, green, and absolutely delicious eaten raw or toasted, and can be pressed for oil. Flesh is not as refined as pie pumpkin flesh but is suitable to be fed to animals. Harvest these mostly green pumpkins when there is a little orange amongst the green on the skin. Let sit in shade for 2 weeks before harvesting the seeds. Crack open the fruits and extract seeds, rinse briefly in water and set on drying racks in the shade with a fan on constantly. Store when completely dry.
S$3.00~25 seeds
LG$7.00~100 seeds
340PURPLE TOMATILLOCert. BD/OGNEW!Beautiful deep purple fruits, streaked with green where the husks cover them. A tart ingredient for salsas, we found these tomatillos sweetened considerably as they ripened. Sauce made from these beauties is a gorgeous brilliant purple. For salsa, tomatillos are often roasted before making sauce, but when very ripe, we found this variety was very nice raw as well, and a stunning color addition to salsa fresca.
S$3.00~25 seeds
LG$6.25~100 seeds
403SPILANTHESCert. BD/OG(Spilanthes oleracea)Annual. Low spreading plant with unusual globe-shaped yellow and red flowers. This amazing plant is sometimes called the toothache plant. Chewing on its leaves numbs the mouth. Has been used by colleagues here at Turtle Tree Seed to help lessen pain of a toothache while they were waiting for the day of their dental apointment to arrive.