536GARDENING FOR LIFE THE BIODYNAMIC WAY(by Maria Thun)A practical introduction to the art of biodynamic gardening, sowing, planting and harvesting. A beautifully illustrated, comprehensive guide to biodynamics in the garden. This book should be on every gardener's bookshelf! You will want to use it every day. Soft cover; full color foldout.
1 Book$30.00
503HOW TO MOVE LIKE A GARDENER(by Deb Soule) Softcover. 256 informative pages with over 200 beautiful color photographs taken in Avena’s garden. This book embodies Deb’s deep love and respect for the spirit of the medicinal plans she has worked with for almost 40 years. Thoughtful and thought provoking, this book also includes insights into Biodynamics, as well as many resources for further learning. $33.00
1 Book$33.00
538ORGANIC SEED PRODUCTION AND SAVING(Bryan Connolly)One of the many manuals published by NOFA about organic farming practices. This concise guidebook to growing seed in the Northeast is easy to read and use. Within this slim volume is all of the information you might need to get started saving seed. Starting off with a good discussion of why open-pollinated varieties are beneficial, continuing with basic plant biology, specific crop types, and finishing up with some information about Northeast seed organizations, this book is filled with useful tips for the home and market grower. Soft cover.
1 Book$10.00
540SEED TO SEED(New Edition by Suzanne Ashworth)A Classic of seed saving. General information and crop by crop instructions for the seed saver with specific techniques for 160 vegetables. Thorough and well researched. The definitive general guide for home seed savers. Every Seed Saver should own a copy. Soft cover.
1 Book$24.95
544STELLA NATURA CALENDAR 2016(Edited by Sherry Wildfeuer)Inspiration and practical advice for gardeners and farmers in working with cosmic rhythms. This booklet folds out into a 12x18 in. wall calendar giving daily/monthly charts of the full range of planetary rhythms, with guidance in using their influences in gardening, and articles on interesting and relevant subjects for each month. Edited by Sherry Wildfeuer.
1 Book$14.95
505THE BIODYNAMIC YEAR(Maria Thun)Maria Thun, biodynamic researcher for over 50 years, brings us her hundred best gardening tips. This book, organized by season, includes recipes, stories and practical advice for gardeners. Full of beautiful photos, diagrams, and results from some of the tests Maria Thun has carried out. An inspiring guide for home gardeners interested in biodynamics. Makes a great gift for aspiring biodynamic gardeners. Soft cover.
1 Book$32.00
501THE SPIRIT IN THE REALM OF PLANTS(by Rudolf Steiner)In this lecture given December 8, 1910, Rudolf Steiner illuminates how plants are the sense organs for Mother Earth as a Spirit-filled organism and shows how the human being is related to the plant. It is definitely food for could even be considered a banquet.
1 Book$7.50
549TOWARD SAVING THE HONEY BEEGunther Hauk's book on the challenges faced by the bees, and a guide to beekeeping and the protection of bees. Gunther Hauk has been a beekeeper and biodynamic farmer for many years, and co-founded the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY, and also founded Spikenard Farm, a biodynamic farm and bee sanctuary. In this book he shares his experience and observations on this current and vital topic.
1 Book$20.00
507VEGETABLE GARDENING FOR ORGANIC AND BIODYNAMIC GROWERS (Joel Morrow) Biographies of 76 vegetables with detailed accounts of how to grow them, their climate of origin, their transformation over time, and their nutritional and therapeutic potential. Joel Morrow began his interviews with vegetables when he became editor of the journal Biodynamics in the 1980s. This book is the result of those interviews, which continued for 30 years." Although the biographies are arranged alphabetically for convenience (from Asian Brassicas to Winter Squash), each chapter reflects my own changing point of view, depending on the date of the interview." This book is not only a gardening guide; it also guides the reader inwardly to perceive a vegetable as a work of art, a journey, a rite of passage into the natural world. It is destined to become not just a perennially useful tool, but also a favorite bedside book (Soft cover)
1 Book$30.00
530SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS FOR THE RENEWAL OF AGRICULTURE(by Rudolf Steiner)Translated by Creeger and Gardner. This course of eight lectures given in 1924 inaugurated the biodynamic farming and gardening movement. Soils, animals, plants, and landscapes are treated with a deep fundamental wisdom and understanding of the inner being of Nature and the Human Being. Also referred to as "The Agriculture Course." Soft cover.
1 Book$19.50
502THE ORGANIC SEED GROWERBy John Navazio. Hardcover, 8"x10" 400 pages, full color pictures throughout. From the publisher: "A comprehensive manual for the serious vegetable grower who is interested in growing high quality seed using organic farming practices." "Detailed profiles for each of the major vegetables provide users with practical, in-depth knowledge about growing, harvesting and processing seed for a wide range of common and specialty vegetable crops from Asian greens to zucchini." John Navazio is an expert in the field, one of the best organic seed breeders we know, and is also one of the best teachers of all things seed-related. This book is a must-have for anyone wanting to get into serious small or mid-scale organic seed growing.
1 Book$49.95