Organic, Biodynamic Seeds

Offering 385+ varieties of open-pollinated, Demeter certified Biodynamic®, vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

We are an integrated workshop of Camphill Village, growing, selecting, and cleaning our seed with great care. Pioneers of seed transparency, we grow most varieties in our own gardens and source the rest from committed biodynamic farmers. Learn more about us here.

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– Our friends at Meadowlark’s Hearth are currently offering their Biodynamic and Organic certified garlic and shallot seed.  Click on the link to order now.  

– Commercial and Market Gardeners, for your convinience all of our larger seed quantities for are listed here.

– The 2020 Stella Natura Planting Calendar is hot off the press.  Get your copy here!

– Are you adding the Biodynamic preparations to your compost pile?  We’re selling a pre-measured set here.       

– Organic Cotton T-Shirts in New Colors – Unbleached White & Sea Blue!


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