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Dear Gardening Friends,

We are so grateful to be able to connect with you through the living plants that will surround you as the season progresses. Imagining gardens as we fill orders bring us a lot of joy, especially as the seeds we sell are ones we know and love—crops we grow ourselves and feel connected with. We are grateful to be a part of your gardens, and humbled by the need for connection with the natural world that has created such a groundswell of interest in gardening.

Offering 385+ varieties of open-pollinated, Demeter certified Biodynamic ®, and organic vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

We are an integrated workshop of Camphill Village, growing, selecting, and cleaning our seed with great care. Pioneers of seed transparency, we grow most varieties in our own gardens and source the rest from committed biodynamic farmers. Learn more about us here.

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We stand with all those working for equality and against systemic and individual racism and prejudice in all its forms.



Turtle Tree Seed Tee-Shirts are here! They make great gifts, and are comfortable for work and stylish for leisure!

-Books on Biodynamic farming and Seed Saving are available. Check them out here.

– We have empty seed packets and glassine envelopes for all you seed savers out there! 

– Are you adding the Biodynamic preparations to your compost pile?  We’re selling a pre-measured set here.       



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