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Welcome Spring!

Peppers, eggplants and herbs are springing up in our hotboxes, ready for both our own fields and the May plant sale (Stay tuned!) We’re sowing tomatoes this week, along with ground cherries and Schoenbrunn physalis, a Cape gooseberry type. Lettuces will be sown this week, along with a host of flowers to be transplanted out when the weather is warmer. We’re weeding our onion transplants, and pricking out herbs (sown in February).

Don’t worry, though, if you are planning on planting herbs there is still time (and Thyme!) many herbs such as thyme, lavender, sage and oregano which are perennial and take a while to get going can be sown now, and either planted out later when the plants are bigger, or you can plant them into bigger pots, keeping them outside in the summer and in a sunny, cool place (it need not be completely frost free–a greenhouse or enclosed sunny porch are ideal) for planting out next year. We’ve had great success, especially with lavender, using this method.

Herbs such as basil, chives and parsley can sown now for transplanting out after frost, and dill and cilantro can be sown in a few weeks–or direct sown in the garden a week or two before the last frost. For tender herbs, such as basil, dill and cilantro, we recommend doing several smaller sowings about 3 weeks apart, to ensure a continuous supply.

Did you Know? Poppies and larkspur can be direct sown in the autumn, or as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring! These lovely beauties welcome pollinators and are carefree color to bring easy joy to your summer garden.