Camphill: Our Home

Camphill Village is an intentional community of several hundred people living within 20 extended family homes on 615 acres of wooded hills, gardens, and pasture.   We are located outside the small, rural town of Copake, New York, approximately 115 miles north of New York City and 160 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts.

The founding of Camphill Village in 1961 was part of a transformative movement in the United States to reform how society treats people with special needs.  This mission thrives today in our integrated community where people with developmental differences live a life of dignity, equality, and purpose.  Visitors and volunteers come from around the world to participate in our rich community life.

Link to a recent article by Harvard Professor Dan McKanan on Camphill’s commitment to using agricultural work as therapeutic practice.

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Here is a longer, in-depth, look at life in Camphill Village, this video was released in 2002.


On NY-23, about halfway between Hudson, NY and Great Barrington, MA is the small town of Craryville. There is a sign for Camphill Village that advises turning south onto County Road 7.

After 5 miles you will take a right onto Chrysler Pond Rd.

In half a mile you will take a right onto Camp Hill Rd.

In another half of a mile you will enter Camphill Village.

Your second left within the village is “White Birch Rd”. Follow the signs to the Turtle Tree Seed workshop at the top of the hill.