Brilliant Celeriac Seeds 135


Certified Biodynamic and Organic

Root storage vegetable with celery flavor. Delicious in winter soups, salads and baked dishes. Large, solid, smooth roots with white interiors that resist pithiness. Needs a long season and compost-rich fertile soil to size up. We use this grated like potatoes for fried celeriac “pancakes.” Leaves and stems can be used for flavoring soups and stews.


Brilliant Celeriac Seeds

Scientific Name: Apium graveolens var. rapaceum

Family: Carrot

Type: Hardy Annual

Native Range: Canada; Lower 48 States;

Hardiness Zones: 2-10; prefers to grow in colder climates and can withstand light frost (32°-34°); may become sweeter with cooler temperatures;

Soil Requirements: Neutral pH roughly between 6-7; high in finished compost; may require boost of magnesium and/or calcium; mulching may be necessary to maintain moisture;

Light Preference: Full sun

Water: Maintain even level of moisture on a consistent basis for proper nutrient uptake; if celery does not get enough water on hot days, stalks will be dry and small;

Days until Germination: 14-21 days

Sowing: Sow brilliant celeriac seeds indoors in flats, 6 seeds/in, 1/8″ deep; keep moist with soil temperature between 65°-75°; transplant at 10-12 weeks;

Plant Spacing: At true leaf stage, thin to 1″-2″; set outside after danger of frost, 10″-12″ apart and in rows 15″-18″ apart;

Plant Height: 8″-10″

Harvest: 100-110 days; harvest when crown of root is showing through soil, and is roughly 3″-4″ across; cut stems close to top of root, and use fork to lift out the celeriac; can withstand frost, but harvest before ground freezes; can store for 3-6 months;

Grows Well With: Leeks; scarlet runner beans; tomatoes; cauliflower; cabbage; bush beans;

Grows Poorly With: Corn; potatoes; aster flowers; carrots; parsley; parsnips;

Potential Problems: Sprawling stalks; aphids; cutworms; whiteflies; bolting; mosaic virus; fusarium wilt;

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Weight0.000001 oz

S ~ 200 seeds, L ~ 800 seeds, XL ~ 2500 seeds, .25 oz ~ 12,600 seeds, 1 oz ~ 50,500 seeds


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