Edible Landscaping Seed Pack 1002


Certified Biodynamic

5 Beautiful Plants to adorn your garden and to eat! 1 small packet each of Red Basil, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato, Sunflowers, and Burgundy Okra. The Sunflowers are the tallest, so at the very back, and Okra will grow tall, so if it’s towards the back of your bed (but still in front of the sunflowers and in full sun) it will do well, Matt’s Wild Cherry tomatoes also grow pretty tall, and they can happily climb over a fence or be trellised against a sunny wall or fence, or can also be trained onto the sunflowers or okra. The chard is the next tallest, followed by the Red Basil. Pick the rainbow swiss chard’s outer leaves often to keep the plants looking their best and provide a steady stream of delicious chard to your kitchen.


Edible Landscaping Seed Pack

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