German Green Tomato Seeds 311


Certified Biodynamic and Organic

indet. HEIRLOOM from Germany. Large, abundant tomatoes which ripen to green tinged with gold, the insides remain true green. Strong, indeterminate plants can stand up to rough handling. We trialed these and were skeptical at first because of the unusual color and the tendency of this variety to exhibit some mild cat-facing. However, the excellent flavor and texture won us over and it has become a crew favorite. Good for home use, market or restaurant sales. Makes unusually colored but delicious sauce and very good salsa.


German Green Tomato Seeds


85 after transplant


Sow german green tomato seeds 4-5 weeks before the last frost. Sow indoors in a very warm and bright location, between 70F and 85F. Sow all together initially, then transplant the strongest seedlings into individual pots with a rich compost mix. Tomatoes like moisture, but do not over-water, as this can cause disease in young plants, especially if they don’t have strong enough light. Indoors it is very difficult to get strong enough light, so investing in good grow light will really help, but even the strongest grow light is far weaker than a grey day outdoors. Whenever the temperature climbs over 65F, set out your seedlings in a bright but sheltered location, making sure that they are out of the wind. Bring them in as soon as the temperature starts going down again! If you can’t bring your plants in and out every time there is a warm day, don’t worry.

However, coddling your plants a bit at this stage will make them grow stronger and healthier! After the last danger of frost has past, plant the tomatoes in holes filled with well-rotted compost mixed into the soil, and water them in with rotted stinging nettle “tea”. (Gather stinging nettles, and allow them to rot in a bucket of water. Do this in a location where you will not smell it regularly, because it is *very* stinky! –We sometimes call this nettle water “poo-juice”– also, you can add comfrey leaves if you have them, or make the tea from just comfrey leaves, although putting in at least some nettle is best.)

If the nights are cool, cover your tomatoes until they are well established. Fence, trellis or stake them early and then make sure to keep tying them up as they grow.


Full sun


German Green Tomatoes like the richest soil possible, and will happily grow in nearly straight compost, but are also happy with just some good compost around their roots, and occasional extra nutrients with nettle or comfrey tea.


3-5 ft., depending on staking practices and growing conditions.


2 ft


not frost hardy


Harvest when the tomatoes begin to soften–also the color will shift very slightly towards a yellowy orange, but still remains quite green.


These tomatoes are excellent sliced for sandwiches, salads, fried, as a topping for pizzas, or just plain with a little olive oil and salt.

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