Myer’s Best Broccoli Seeds 104


Certified Biodynamic

65-80 days. A sturdy, tall stalked broccoli for easy harvest. Small, attractive beads on mid-sized heads with wonderful flavor. Bred by the legendary broccoli breeder Jim Myers of the University of Oregon.

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Myer’s Best Broccoli Seeds

Scientific Name: Brassica oleracea, Botrytis Group

Family: Mustard

Type: Hardy Annual

Native Range: Mediterranean

Hardiness Zones: 3-10; cole crops and their waxy leaves are particularly well-suited to colder growing regions, especially if adapted to the area; usually withstands a couple of frosts;

Soil Requirements: Clay-loam soil with pH close to neutral; may require calcium or boron;

Light Preference: Partial to full sun

Water: Keep evenly moist

Days until Germination: 5-17 days

Sowing: For early planting, start umpqua broccoli seeds indoors with soil temperatures around 60°; plant about 1/4″ in soil; harden off transplants at around 4-5 weeks; transplant when 3-4 true leaves have shown; in cooler climates seeds can be direct-sown after the soil warms to 55°-60°;

Plant Spacing: Plant seeds 4″-6″ but thin to 14″-24″;

Plant Height: 14″-18″

Harvest: 65-80 days from transplant if started indoors; 75-100 days if direct sown in cooler climate; remove main head by cutting at 45° angle before, or as, head starts to separate from main stem (sign that broccoli is starting to flower); allow stock to continue to grow and produce “second heads” or side-shoots; Umpqua has particularly good side-shoot production;

Grows Well With: Dill; celery; camomile; sage; peppermint; rosemary; potatoes; beets; onions;

Grows Poorly With: Tomatoes; pole beans; strawberries;

Potential Problems: Heat stress; seedlings must have enough light or they will get leggy and develop improperly after transplant; aphids; cabbage worms; loopers; root maggots; flea beetles; symphylans;

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