Spring Snow Cauliflower Seeds 133


Certified Biodynamic Definitely for mild winters. Please consider trialing this one. Start from seed in June, transplant in July for harvest the following April in mild climates. Can overwinter down to 10 degree night temperatures for brief periods, when days are mild. Solid heads. Head size depends on fertility, but can grow 8-10 inches.


Spring Snow Cauliflower Seeds

Scientific Name: Brassica oleracea, Botrytis Group

Family: Mustard

Type: Hardy Annual

Native Range: Pacific Basin excluding Hawaii

Hardiness Zones: 3-10; cole crops and their waxy leaves are particularly well-suited to colder growing regions, especially if adapted to the area; usually withstands a couple of frosts;

Soil Requirements: Clay-loam soil with pH close to neutral; may require calcium or boron; mulch may be required to keep soil cool and moist;

Light Preference: Partial to full sun;

Water: Keep evenly moist

Days until Germination: 5-17 days

Sowing: Start spring snow cauliflower seeds indoors with soil temperatures around 60°; plant about 1/4″ in soil; at true leaf stage thin and replace seedlings in cells or flats with 1″ between each plant; harden off transplants at around 4-5 weeks; can be transplanted outdoors 2 weeks before last spring frost until 1 month before first fall frost;

Plant Spacing: Once transplanted, 18″-24″;

Plant Height: 14″-18″

Harvest: 55-60 days from transplant; watch head as it forms on main stem, and remove when it starts to separate;

Grows Well With: Dill; celery; camomile; sage; peppermint; rosemary; potatoes; beets; onions;

Grows Poorly With: Tomatoes; pole beans; strawberries;

Potential Problems: Heat stress and/or blanching; legginess due to lack of light during seedling stage; aphids; cabbage worms; loopers; root maggots; flea beetles; symphylans; white cabbage fly;

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S ~ 25 seeds, L ~ 100 seeds, XL ~ 400 seeds


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