Takinogawa Long Burdock Seeds 162


Certified Biodynamic and Organic

This nutritious root vegetable gives the distinctive earthy flavor to many Japanese dishes. Very hardy. Sow in early spring and harvest in fall, winter, and spring.

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Takinogawa Long Burdock Seeds

Scientific Name: Arctium lappa

Family: Aster

Type: Biennial

Native Range: Canada, Hawaii and Lower 48 States

Hardiness Zones: 2-10; extremely hardly and will self-seed if conditions are favorable;

Soil Requirements: sandy; loose; well-drained;

Light Preference: Partial shade to full sun

Water: Moderate

Days until Germination: 10-15 days

Sowing: Sow takinogawa long burdock seeds directly into the ground any time in spring, about 1/2″-1″ deep; soil must be worked to a depth of two feet to accommodate plant’s roots; thin 4″-6″ when seedlings are 3″ tall;

Plant Spacing: 2″ apart in rows 24″ apart; thin 2″-4″ apart;

Plant Height: Can grow to more than 6′ tall

Harvest: 120-130 days; harvest in fall, winter and early spring;

Grows Well With: Sweet peppers, carrots, turnips, parsnips, mustard greens

Grows Poorly With: n/a

Potential Problems: Self-seeding tendencies;

Uses & Cooking Suggestions: For a delicious Japanese-inspired soup, fry onions, ginger and carrots, add water and soy sauce, then grate in the outer layer of the scrubbed burdock root, add wakame (seaweed) and miso, then simmer, and serve garnished with scallions and toasted sesame oil. If desired, tofu can also be added.

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