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(Thymus vulgaris) Perennial. Small 6-12 in. bushy plants with an abundance of small leaves. Savory herb used fresh or dried in beans and soups. A much-loved herb in French, English, and Italian cuisine.


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Thyme can be used in so many ways, but for some foods it is essential.

Lia’s favorite simple quick onion soup is one of these: slice and fry in a little olive oil as many onions as you can without crying, or at least 1/2 a medium onion per person. Add dried thyme, a good several dashes, and about 2-3 tablespoons of tamari per onion. Add about 3/4 of a cup of water per person, or a bit more if making soup for less than 3 people. simmer and serve with cheese toast.

Thyme, either fresh or dried, is also essential for making mushrooms on toast. Simply fry your mushrooms in a little butter and white wine (you can actually use a little lemon or lime juice instead of wine if you wish) then a little sprinkle of thyme, and a bit of salt to taste–serve over toast. This is lovely with many kinds of mushrooms–we use the oyster mushrooms that grow wild here, some of our home-grown cultivated oyster and shiitake mushrooms, but also store-bought criminis, button mushrooms, portabellos, the occasional morel that we find in the spring, or the occasional bunch of meadow mushrooms that we find in the fall. We don’t recommend shaggy mane mushrooms for this because they should not be mixed with alcohol, and are anyway too tender when cooked.

Chicken salad (great for leftover roasted chicken) is great with fresh thyme–try this: About 1 1/2 cups chopped cooked chicken, 1/2 a cup of mayo, 2 sticks of celery, chopped into small pieces, 1/2 a red onion chopped into very small pieces, 3 firm red plums, pitted and chopped into small pieces, 2-3 sprigs of fresh thyme leaves removed from the stems, the zest of 1 lemon and a small squeeze of lemon juice. Add a little bit of salt if you’d like. Great in sandwiches or over greens.

We also love to use fresh thyme to garnish brie, beets, carrots, summer squash, beans, grains, or just about anything!

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