Umpqua Broccoli Seeds 101


Certified Biodynamic and Organic

Vigorous plants. Head size varies. Good side shoot production. Recommended for the home gardener. Developed by Tim Peters of Peters Seed and Research.

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Umpqua Broccoli Seeds

Scientific Name: Brassica oleracea, Botrytis Group

Family: Mustard

Type: Hardy Annual

Native Range: Pacific Basin excluding Hawaii

Hardiness Zones: 3-10; cole crops and their waxy leaves are particularly well-suited to colder growing regions, especially if adapted to the area; usually withstands a couple of frosts;

Soil Requirements: Clay-loam soil with pH close to neutral; may require calcium or boron;

Light Preference: Partial to full sun

Water: Keep evenly moist

Days until Germination: 5-17 days

Sowing: For early planting, start umpqua broccoli seeds indoors with soil temperatures around 60°; plant about 1/4″ in soil; harden off transplants at around 4-5 weeks; transplant when 3-4 true leaves have shown; in cooler climates seeds can be direct-sown after the soil warms to 55°-60°;

Plant Spacing: Plant seeds 4″-6″ but thin to 14″-24″;

Plant Height: 14″-18″

Harvest: 65-80 days from transplant if started indoors; 75-100 days if direct sown in cooler climate; remove main head by cutting at 45° angle before, or as, head starts to separate from main stem (sign that broccoli is starting to flower); allow stock to continue to grow and produce “second heads” or side-shoots; Umpqua has particularly good side-shoot production;

Grows Well With: Dill; celery; camomile; sage; peppermint; rosemary; potatoes; beets; onions;

Grows Poorly With: Tomatoes; pole beans; strawberries;

Potential Problems: Heat stress; seedlings must have enough light or they will get leggy and develop improperly after transplant; aphids; cabbage worms; loopers; root maggots; flea beetles; symphylans;

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S ~ 25 seeds, L ~ 100 seeds, XL ~ 400 seeds, B = .25 oz


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